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Gaucho Negro!
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segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2017

Good Look in new journey man...

HeroesGuild Rlsh com Slade Willson e outras 94 pessoas.
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Okay so after a brief heart to heart convo with Dawn Dasher, he's convinced me to come out and publicly reveal my previous alias. I didn't want to do this entirely but there has been recent trust issues, which is understandable considering the HeroesGuild popped out of "nowhere". While it's a new concept I released, it's been something I have been planning for quite some time.

Previously, I was The Patriot: Star Spangled Crusader, who went into retirement about two years ago. Earlier this year, writing for The Relevant Christian Magazine I decided to reflect on the works I was doing to positively impact the community. I won't get to deep into discussing Faith and how it's a responsibility to be a "light in darkness" but I did find myself reaching out into the community more as a RLSH than an ordained minister.

With that being said, I began planning my return as Director Blank, abandoning the old persona mainly because I think I threw out old my old gear (there goes hundreds down the gutter, lol). But with that being said, I wanted to clear the air on /who I am/ that way there's no secrets. While I've released this information into the RLSH community, I haven't done so publicly, so if you know any members of my old team: Winter Storm (my wife), Soul Savior, etc. I would prefer to not pull them back into the lifestyle, if they do return, I would prefer it would be on their own account, not because I did.

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