Gaucho Negro!

Gaucho Negro!
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terça-feira, 26 de março de 2013

Petoskey Batman

Fica esperto amigo... GN

So when I got home sunday night, I was informed that while I was out doing what I do, someone was sneaking around my yard. They were there for about 45 minutes. Not sure what this was about but it had the person that saw them scared as hell because they didnt have a phone to call 911 and they were stuck outside hiding the entire time. Let me be clear: I dont care what you want to do to me, I can handle it. BUT, my familly lives there. You want to really piss me off? Bring your stupidity around those I care about. To the person doing the sneaking, if I find out who you are or if I catch you at my home, you better have a DAMN good reason for being there or you WILL be sorry!

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