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HELLO.........CHAMPION CITY........DADDY........IS HOME!"
The movie takes place in a mythical city called CHAMPION CITY.
In this world, superheroes are part of the everyday environment...and the camera first takes us to a Masonic-looking dance hall where turbaned old people are dancing to old forties music and three aged asian crooners. The band is called the 'Gimlets' and their piano player is none other than Mark Mothersbaugh from the band 'DEVO'.
A mysterious character named Dr. A. Heller (Tom Waits ) is busy romancing an elderly lady and offers her a candy.
(For the complete deleted scene, click the PIC below)
Suddenly a mob of voracious super villains crashes the party!...
The Red-Eyes eat and steal their way through the old folks home until....
Three poor man's SUPER HEROES come to the rescue...sort of...
and jump into the fray to battle the Red-Eyes.
(Ben Stiller, William H. Macy...& Hank Azaria)
They fumble the ball badly however and need to be saved from the Red-Eyes themselves by the timely arrival of a bigtime Champion City superhero called
Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear) easily dispatches the Red-eyes and starts working the crowd for kudos. He is quickly joined by his publicist Victor Weems (Ricky Jay).
It is here where the three wanna-be superheroes meet Captain Amazing for the first time. Amazing laughs up his sleeve at the three and tells them to "Keep up the good work".
The Shovelor and the Blue Rajah are impressed but Mr. Furious sees through Captain Amazing's snidey compliment.
The Shovelor is then approached by Dr. A. Heller who wants to sell weapons to the three and offers him his business card. The Shovelor takes the card...which will prove useful later.

Captain Amazing then exits through the crowds to his limo...but a reporter informs him that he has just lost his PEPSI endorsement. Stunned, the Captain begins to question Victor Weems in his limo.
Over time, Captain Amazing has emerged as Champion city's sole savior. But, Victor explains, there's a problem,...Captain Amazing is too good. He has become a victim of his own amazingness. He has eliminated all the super-villains in town and he now has no one to fight against. Without a menace to battle, his position becomes superfluous and he could start to lose all his 'corporate endorsements' and the monetary rewards that go with them. The subject of supervillains leads to the name 'Casanova Frankenstein' who is locked up in a mental ward. A sly look comes over Captain Amazing's face as he ponders a radical solution to his problem.
Meanwhile, the Shovelor, the Blue Rajah and Mr. Furious retire ignominiously to their favorite diner (the Lakeside Diner) where they lick their wounds and discuss getting a publicist like Captain Amazing. It is here where we are introduced to a new waitress (and love interest for Mr. Furious) named Monica who takes the three heroes dinner orders. Furious repudiates Monica when she mentions Captain Amazing and the fight at the retirement center.

Afterwards they each retire to their respective homes and/or job. The Shovelor to his wife and kids...the Blue Rajah to his Mom's place...and Mr. Furious to his junkyard job working for a mean old woman who is a cantankerous slave driver..
To remedy the 'lack of supervillains' situation and regain the spotlight, Captain Amazing decides to assume his secret identity (as billionaire 'Lance Hunt') and attend a parole board hearing at a prison asylum for a former enemy called "CASANOVA FRANKENSTEIN".
With the help of Casanova's corrupted psychiatrist, Dr. Annabelle Leek, Captain Amazing effects Casanova's release.  Casanova returns to his former mansion (an opulent affair to say the least) and summons his main lackeys "Tony P." and "TONY C." who lead a gang of retro-style hoodlums called "The Disco Boys".
TONY P.  &   TONY C.

Casanova meets with Tony P in the 'old Disco room' and talks about the death of disco music. Tony P shouts back "Disco is not DEAD! Disco is LIFE!"
Casanova then convinces him to join him ("Stick wiz me Tony...und you vill danse again!"). He then runs true to form (for the moment) and blows up his former asylum with Tony P and Dr. Annabelle Leek at his side. Captain Amazing has been waiting for this moment however and rushes to the mansion to capture the old villain. But Casanova breaks tradition by defeating Captain Amazing and imprisoning him in his basement. Captain Amazing is seated beneath the deadly Psycho-Frakulator awaiting death...whereupon he shows his true stripes and tries to cut a deal with Casanova for his life. But the old villain just laughs and turns out the lights and leaves him whining in the dark.

Mr. Furious has been watching the night's events from afar however and realizes that Captain Amazing is in trouble. He and the Shovelor and the Blue Rajah quickly race to the mansion to attempt a rescue but are ignomiously defeated by Tony P., Tony C. and the Disco Boys.

Realizing they are under-powered, the trio decides to try to recruit new members into their superhero group.
The first recruit is 'The Invisible Boy' who can't turn invisible unless no one's watching, but who helps put out the word about the hero search.
The Spleen is next, imposing his presence onto the team at the Lakeside diner where he knocks out several diners with his 'FART POWERS'..

A wild recruiting party then ensues, with lacklustre results, until "The Bowler's Daughter" arrives at the end and throws her menacing bowling ball and proves her worth. 
The six wannabe superheroes then stage an assault on Casanova's corvette-limosine with mixed results. 
The group then retires to a bar in Chinatown to celebrate their semi-victorious battle.

Tony P. and the Disco Boys however, are waiting for the group to finish celebrating and leave the bar. 
A disco firing squad greets them in an alleyway as they leave. 

The seventh new member then arrives in the nick of time to save the team:
....'THE SPHINX!'   
The Sphinx uses his ability to 'cut guns in half with his mind' to save the Mystery Men from the Disco ambush. He then uses his power of 'MYSTERIOUSNESS' to WOW the wannabes into a secluded training camp where he begins to personally train them to act as a team.
The Sphinx begins to get positive results with his leadership and training,...but Mr. Furious fumes at the inaction. He eventually decides to leave and start up the battle again, but no one else will join him. He storms off in anger to Champion City and drowns his sorrows at the Lakeside Diner.

After talking things over with Monica, the sexy waitress at the 'Lakeside diner' (his love interest), he finally changes his mind and decides to try and weasel his way back onto the team.

In the wake of Mr. Furious' departure though, the Sphinx advises the group to supplant the lack of manpower with 'firepower'. The Shovelor then remembers an earlier encounter at the nursing home with a mysterious inventor named:


The Shovelor, the Spleen and the Bowler's Daughter then travel to an abandoned carnival in the desert to enlist the aid of Dr. Heller. When they get there they find that all of Dr. Heller's inventive weapons are categorically  'non-lethal' and seemingly useless. The trio then start to leave but the good doctor cracks open a 'canned tornado' and proves the value of his 'non-lethal' weaponry.
Mr. Furious then arrives in time to rejoin the group before they set off to attack Casanova's mansion and rescue Captain Amazing.
In the meantime, Casanova has summoned his former gangs to his mansion for a huge chaotic dinner party. He makes an introductory speech to his gangs (for the audience's benefit mostly) in an affort to convince them to rejoin the fold and plunder Champion City. 
A massive party is in full swing then as the Mystery Men sneak into the mansion's basement to try and rescue Captain Amazing. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be able to free Champion City's hero from the deadly chair beneath the Psychofrakulator. Even the Captain seems to be at a loss.
As the deadly machine continues to heat up though, panic begins to set in and the Blue Rajah takes it upon himself to start throwing switches. This goes badly of course and Captain Amazing ends up being fried in his chair.
The Mystery Men then beat a hasty retreat just as Casanova and his gangsters show up to view the captured Captain Amazing. Casanova is surprised by what he sees but decides to take the credit for 'removing Captain Amazing from the picture'. Alarmed at the covert assault though, he decides to hedge his bets by sending the Disco boys to capture a hostage (Monica).  
The Mystery Men return to discuss the weird machine that killed Captain Amazing with Dr. Heller. Heller informs them of the seriousness of the Psychofrakulation threat and a quick vote to leave town is taken. Everyone wants out except for one...the Shovelor. A rousing speech and an egg-salad sandwich manage to change the minds of the Mystery Men to stay and fight Casanova.
And so the die is cast. Everyone says goodbye to relatives and loved ones. Mr. Furious however, goes through a bout of self-doubt after saying good-bye to Monica. She convinces him to 'just be Roy'...whereupon he begins to doubt his superability. The team tries in vain to restore his faith in his powers before the battle...but with no luck.
With the help of Dr. Heller, the Mystery Men quickly restore a 'Herkimer Battle Jitney' (from a junkyard) into readiness and head for Casanova Frankenstein's mansion. They burst through the doors and use an atomic magnet (ala Dr. Heller) to disarm Casanova and his gangs.
The villains retreat behind a laser-guarded door into the Disco Room but the Invisible Boy uses his power (finally) and approaches the deadly door undetected.
 He turns the laser off and the Mystery Men burst through the doors into the Disco room.
Once inside the battle goes into full swing...
The Shovelor takes out the Disco boys and Tony C.
The Bowler's Daughter takes out Tony P. and gets her revenge.
The Invisible boy and the Spleen (who gets shot in the butt) take out the Suzies.
The Sphinx uses a shrink gun on the Furriers.
The Not-So-Goody Boys are taken out by a 'blame-thrower' gun.
The Blue Rajah uses his forks to help Mr. Furious get to Casanova Frankenstein.
Casanova turns on a whim and electrocutes the Frat boys.
Mister Furious regains his confidence and takes on Casanova Frankenstein "mano y mano" (whereupon his superpower finally activates) and rescues Monica the waitress from his clutches. He then tosses Casanova into the heart of the Psychofrakulator and destroys him 
The Mystery Men then use a 'group hug' to enable the Bowler's Daughter to get within striking range of the Psychofrakulator. She tosses her ball into the firing hole and 'daddy' does the rest. The mansion then explodes spectacularly and the Mystery Men finally get to bask in the glory of superhero-dom.
(or is it?)
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Fonte: http://www.freewebs.com/moviemystery/synopsis.htm

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