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The Petoskey Batman is trying to be a superhero -- for a different cause

Posted: 06.17.2011 at 6:04 PM
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Batman Mark Williams is trying to raise money for the Women's Resource Center
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PETOSKEY, MI -- Remember Petoskey Batman?
Mark Williams was arrested back in May after being spotted on a roof in Downtown Petoskey.
He was charged with trespassing and in possession of a deadly weapon.
He's taking some of the national notoriety he's received and trying to turn it into good.
7&4 News talks to the cape crusader about, well, his crusade to help a local cause.
Batman Mark Williams says he's trying to take some of the negative publicity that he got, spin it, and turn it into a positive thing.  He wants to become a true superhero for the Women's Resource Center.
"No, I don't think I’m really Batman, but Batman has been a hero of mine since I was a kid," said Williams.
You probably remember the images of Batman right after he was arrested for hanging off a Downtown Petoskey building.
"It was never my intention to go out there and hurt anybody or anything like that, I mean, like I said, I started this to help people, period, in any way that I can," said Williams.
He says he's a member of a group of people who dress as real-life superheroes to help protect their communities.  The costumes are an unconventional way to draw attention.  Although he wouldn't go into details, he said back in may when he was arrested, he was on the building to "keep an eye on things."  He gained national attention, and now, he's using that attention for a local cause.
“They do something that I think is a valuable service, I mean, I’ve had a few women friends that were in abusive relationships, and the women's resource center helped them out a lot," he said.
He's using the image and notoriety of Petoskey Batman and is setting up donation stations in businesses around Petoskey and in BC Pizza in Harbor Springs.
"Everyone thought it was a little strange, but I think it's great, it gives us some serious excitement around here," said Stacey Kinney, owner of Talulu Beauty Lounge in Petoskey.
Talulu is one place you can find a box.  Kinney says what a perfect way to try to draw attention to the bigger picture.
“I just hope our Batman donation box gets filled, many times over," she said.
I called the Women's Resource Center and they said they had no comment.  But they did say once the items are dropped off, they'll accept what they can use.
“It's kind of scary looking at what I’m looking at, and at the same time, like I said, all the publicity this has brought, I can use it to do something good," said “Batman.”
And as Petoskey Batman tries to kick-off his Women's Resource Center fundraiser, he still has his charges to deal with.  He has to go to court for two felony charges for carrying dangerous weapons.

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